American democratic beliefs and hegemonic character

In the uni polar world that existed for almost a decade and a half, where America has undoubtedly been the only superpower after balcanisation of U.S.S.R. , it holds an eminent position in structuring and influencing the morals that runs the global society.  In order to preserve the hegemonic character of hers, America has to assert its liberal democratic values as well as military and nuclear advancements to the world, to create acceptance and fear at the same time and hence preventing the distortion of uni polar world to the emerging multipolarity.

America, the oldest country to practice democracy, has strongly stood for human rights, freedom of speech and has respected and accepted dissent opinions. America has always played a crucial role in establishing peace organizations like United Nations, also providing preferential treatment in terms of aid and support to democratic countries vis-à-vis authoritarian or other regimes. The dilemma that has recently flooded scholars’ discussions is the tussle involved in creating democracy. Imposed democracies through external forces may result in unacceptance from the general masses resulting in dis respect of public’s opinion which is the first priority of a democratic state.  America, in her participation in world politics has resulted in dichotomy of principle and practice. The Al-Qaeda attack on America on September 11, 2001, is a foundation stone in the building of America’s foreign policy thereafter. It has specifically focused on resolving conflicts in middle east leading to the birth of American Imperialism.

During the Cold war, America invaded many Latin America countries like Cuba, Chile, Bolivia to prevent the spread of communism. In doing so, she was certain to infuse least harm to Americans and have almost created genocidal circumstances in most of the Latin countries for its citizens. Massive killings on immoral grounds took place. Cold War saw deaths and atrocities on both sides of the camp in the name of selling the perfect ideology for running the world. Both have not been successful in eliminating human problems in most parts of the world.

America, after 9/11, launched a mission “War against terrorism” and invaded Afghanistan to depose Taliban, the centre of Al-Qaeda camps. The social conditions have worsened since the ten years stay of American forces. There is no mechanism for safe drinking water and other basic amenities in this place and there are deplorable conditions of living. America has still not able to democratize the entire country due to resistance offered by the people. There are human rights of American citizens, which is under threat from Taliban on one side and human rights of Afghanistan citizens on the other. The biased weight to either of them will result in failure of entire ideology.

In the Iraq war 2003, Security Council passed a resolution, on the pressure of America for invading Iraq which was doubted for having Weapons of Mass Destruction which are unaccounted and capable of causing severe damage to human kind in future. The authoritarian Saddam Hussain, once President Bush’s good friend, was criticized for being inhumane, undemocratic and extremely oppressive. After America’s invasion, the once nurturing Arab State is now in shuns and has been destroyed of any living conditions suitable. It has become an easy oil trade zone for America and the people of Iraq are left uncatered and exploited. The conflict was between rights of innocent Iraqi citizens and the rights of people who could be in danger due to the probable Weapons of Mass destruction. Ultimately, no evidences of mass weapons were found, thus humiliating the trust of the world in America for the cause of humanity.

The most recent Syrian interference of America was again on the grounds of authoritarian repressive rule of Assad being detrimental to the rights of citizens of Syria. A large section of rebels in Syria have since long been that of radical fundamentalists, who want Shariah Law to be implemented. The support of America to the rebels in Syria to destroy Assad’s regime is not just going to the supporters of democracies but all kinds of rebels. Few reports and studies also mention that majority of the Syrian citizens are in support of Assad’s regime. Consequently, we can say that an imposed democracy will erode and evade the basic construct and essence of democracy. The world learnt American’s motives from its initial experiences and hence Russia and China vetoed the invasion of Syria.

Moreover, in order to protect the pillars of democracy, peace should not be a distant goal but a means by which the goal should be attained. Any regime or government that begins with mass destruction will have a very low chance to be accepted by the Society.

All the three contemporary invasions of America have failed to justify the rationality of morals associated with it. Furthermore, they have resulted in alienation of certain people socially. It has caused a stereotypical image of Muslims in the western societies. Incidentally or deliberately, all the three countries America recently invaded are Muslim dominated countries. The exploitation and devastating human development index shows the merciless character of America. America should not aggressively try to assert her supremacy out of the fear comprehending from the changing world order shifting from uni polar American dominated towards multi polar distribution of power. It should rather give more just reasoning to her actions and also take into account the human rights of global citizens and not just Americans.

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