Paharganj and Religion

Today, turns out to be an unexpectedly fruitful day. Meeting an old friend, exploring a place so close and well ignored, Paharganj and talking of larger questions to life was a good attempt to rejuvenate your soul with some fresh air. And there are some extracts of the conversation that I wish to jot down for my future references but then before that, I shall suggest all of the people residing in Delhi and love a soft, subtle and psychedelic place in Delhi to plan your visit to Paharganj. Brown Bread Cafe is something I shall personally suggest for a good cup of tea and its beautiful ambiance.

To begin with more sincere truths, I think Religion comes out to be one of the most spoken issues between the two of us. According to her, Religion has become the most destructive identity because of its misinterpretations, ill interpretations. And people somehow hallucinate to the idea of a sky daddy sitting above, watching everybody and perhaps deciding for all of us. Arguably, religion today has taken the form of what Marx has defined it to be. It is a medium used to shed off your inabilities and feel stronger as you put the blame to your karma or your kismat and feel free of the pressure of your mistakes. Personally, being a religious women, I must say, that religion today has entered too much in the public space which makes it difficult to align with its real cause. The judgmental attitude towards ones own and others religion has exploited the entire being of religion. People have categorized a certain follower as the most dedicated and have made that to be the only right path. One must explore the field of knowledge and if the belief comes in contradiction to the knowledge, one must understand the belief is hiding something which needs to be peeled off. One must understand the basics that if, as apparent in most popular religions, the God figures and the respected messengers have left the planet for some divine reason and have left the planet on the holy books and the human interpretation, I believe one must understand the individuality involved in such scenario. The fact that there is no divine leader felt to be needed by the Almighty speaks of his wish to keep your religion to yourself and not follow another’s interpretation, or let that even be allowed in the social circuit. The tragedies on religious lines have been innumerable from Individual’s leaving things on God and hence not taking the responsibility of their deeds and action at the micro level. At the macro level, things have been deteriorated in the political framework, resulting in extremely harassing moments for the mankind.  Perhaps we understand the status quo of religion in almost similar manner but such misuse and misunderstood plot makes her go to atheism where as I can only hope that people start taking religion as a personal connection with God and not use or speak or try promoting one’s religion in order to prevent people from hating it because of your lame ways to follow a religion. If you are a religious man and you are reading this, please go back to your books, your source and follow it by what you understand. God shall love you if you respect his creation, yourself and have faith in your understandings. And also, let people have their own time of realization. Somethings cannot be bought, they have to be earned. I believe religion is one of them. Your experiences shall not make another person religion. It is only a sort of subtle blasphemy.

Also I must clarify, a lot of people believe that subtracting religion from social sphere will subtract morality and bring us back to an uncivilized society. But I must point out, that I agree that a lot of morality taught is in the constructs of a religion but what one must analyze is that morals of a society are more regionally placed than religiously. A christian in India shall be asked to cover enough, respect the family bond to stimulate the Indian culture whereas it shall be striking different from a christian’s morale in America viz-a-viz Europe, etc. Religion out of public space will hence not mean morality out of public space. The only thing it wishes is to let people pray personally and one’s way of connection to God may not be undermined by a more popular way of praying by a better argumentative person. Connections with God, I believe cannot be understood by emotions or reasoning. They are a soulful experience, it is not for brains and hearts to decipher. The only place science needs to deal with religion is in regards with the formation of universe and not in your personal connect to the super natural force you align to.

The next shall continue with Political ideologies and some issues India needs to tackle with, sequentially, but if you start with a philosophy like religion in your article, it’s injustice to diversify later. But one thing I do wish to mention, after 5 years of living in two entirely different circuits of society, it is amazing to see how two people can evolve and adapt almost identically.

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