AAP and The Black Women


Delhi is experiencing a never before phenomenon in their city with the new AAP syndrome. The most popular idea that they are promoting is the bridge between the government and the people, the AAP and I. In India, where the values of our political system have evolved from the colonial system which was always profit centric rather than people centric, people’s alienation from the government is not a new talk. A long prevalent hope of a better, more friendly, more inclusive government with an improved governance mechanism just seemed like getting fulfilled with the prospects of the party, at least for the common man. But I somehow, do not want to make early apprehensions for this party and would like to definitely praise their water and electricity policies as a possible attempt for availability of water to larger sections but any policy has to face its practical loopholes for which I would wish to wait and take time before drawing any conclusions.

What I duly think demands sincere thought, discussion and deliberation is the Khirki issue of the Uganda women which is somewhere convoluted with the recent AAP’s protest against some said police suspensions. The cause of Police protest was in regards with the inefficiency and dis-interest of the police to work despite complaints, FIRs or known illegal activity source. Had this been the only reason, on a general dis-functioning of the police and its prevalent executive nature, I shall have stood by them on the principles and would wish to see better execution of duties that a police personnel is obliged to do.

However, the issue of police intruding a house of Uganda women on the orders of the MLA of that area, arresting them and taking their urine test, only on the doubt that they may be involved in a drug/sex racket is a lot more serious than it is understood.


Let me put up a simple analogy for a better understanding. According to AAP minister, these Uganda women were involved in drug activities, which are illegal and unethical in our society according to which, they have a right to catch such law breakers. If tomorrow, according to a party, any party, let’s call it “WHY”. So the “WHY” party believes that couples celebrating valentine’s day are adulterating our culture and needs to be punished may as well be justified.

Or perhaps a more intriguing analogy could be if this party “WHY” come with the police, enters a house and arrests two men in a house because they were the only two people in the house and they suspected them to be homosexuals because they were seen holding hands in the super market whereby homosexuality is both illegal and unethical in our society.


Ethics, morality are very dicey words, which cannot be defined very easily or in a calculative manner. But law is comprehensible, calculative and deductive. And that is why our civilization today gives utter importance to law. Law is not static, it’s a dynamic philosophy which evolves and there are various ways within the system to alter the law.

If I wish to involve myself in something prohibited by law, then what is to be given precedence over the other, is a question whose answer is as difficult. Law is a mechanism to prevent disorder, in order to provide security which comes with certain conditions which may be right, wrong or go vice versa in its value with time. But what needs to be understood is, that in a system like democracy where an option of dissent is available within the ambit of law, it is extremely important to respect the idea and proposition of law. An absence of this understanding or if the people in power overuse their authority beyond law will put us on a path of chaos, a path where personal ethics and beliefs of singular individuals will get a higher stand than the law itself. The tussle between law and ethics shall continue till this system lasts but what is important for the present, for the survival of this system is to not promote any activity, any dissent, any action by anyone, which uses unlawful means to sought its demands. Hence the morality of drugs and sex racket is not in question for this act but it is a question of unlawful act of arrest and such activity by a responsible political executive is a question on her responsible behavior? An unlawful act to stop an illegal activity can never be justified on any grounds and we must remember a popular thought by Martin Luther King, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”.  If somebody uses this, as an excuse to act beyond law because of his/her personal ethical or moral understanding, in that case, the AAP government should take the responsibility of such activity.

The involvement of this issue however, according to me is much beyond the legal sphere. It is an act that also includes our popular idea of race and gender.


One has wonder why was this act of arrest and humiliation happened with black women of Uganda. We must ask ourselves whether such a heinous activity could ever be done to a white American or European women. Perhaps not. Probably because of the fear of the stronger countries of the west or probably because of our acceptance and inherent bias against the darker races. One might think it is a farfetched argument which is being stretched to become a racial issue but let us understand and get ourselves closer to reality where even in the worst of the case where they are proven guilty of drug or sex racket (which I must clarify is not yet proven), we should not get blind to the crimes or illegal activities that happen in our country by the “superior” races or perhaps even the ‘general’ lot. I do not wish to give an argument of one wrong as a justification of another wrong. An illegal activity should be duly prohibited but our selection in the choice of arrest as well as the humiliation we let the Uganda women to fact is inhumane and a deterrent for our progressive and egalitarian society. It is our fairness friendly and dreadful dark theory and principle that are so deeply rooted in us that we don’t think this is a racial activity, we don’t think there is a need to voice against such act.


The gender involvement of this issue is also not over rated. Women are considered to be an easy target by our society and they’ve always been used to subjugate or control communities or civilizations. If Indian army has been responsible for rapes in Kashmir and North east as a possible psychology to keep control over the territory (Perhaps the only reason why the government of our country doesn’t see it necessary to amend AFSPA), I believe this act of Delhi’s MLA is another show of power and control of men over women, much weaker than just a women in this case because they are ‘black’. This particular act should be taken as a threat to every women’s safety and security and perhaps a larger threat to right to life of a woman who can be dragged into the stations for an unproven allegation in the midnight and can be forced upon for their urine tests. All of this without a warrant, without a law. The law, a protection that women of this civilization feels because our civilization is not based on rule of sword but rule of law and hence does not choose the system according to physical strength but an accumulation of various other aspects and hence make this system less men centric than before, is under threat. We aim for a gender neutral society and I see no possibilities of such a world without the respect of law, a system.

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