One very old saying that I often hear,

“Unity in Diversity” that India holds with cheer

Caste, colors, regions, religions.

And many more classifications of these billions

We live together in peace and harmony

No agitations, no blasphemy

But is that what we really follow?

Is that deep in our roots or is it just too hollow?

Brahmin, I am very pious.

Proud of my ancestral, magnanimous status

Can I today marry a Shudra, a chamaar?

Can I even smell their gifted flower?

We are proud of our diversity.

Unity in Diversity.

Black, I am very black.

All kinds of intelligence I lack.

Even one the highest of the hierarchical posts

“A black” is the first response to the most

We are proud of our diversity.

Unity in Diversity.

Haryana I am from, doing graduation in Delhi.

He is from Sikkim and here we all have our own region’s community

Is unity only in living in the same city?

Forget about acceptance, not even being aware of each other’s identity

We are proud of our diversity

Unity in Diversity

Is diversity really an asset?

Or is it more of a problem with such a mindset?

We go to new places and we meet new people

Always trying to find someone like us, says inner voice feeble

We have never accepted diversity

We have only learnt to glorify the reality

I do not wish to shut the diversity

Neither do I ask people to unite their identity

Nor do I expect respect from everyone to each community

But all I demand in true eternity

Is awareness of all classifications around

And not loving or hating them with no base sound

Let we be open to all kinds of individuals

And not judge them on prior fables

Let us coexist in the same society

Accepting the presence of variable entity

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