Living and living under covers,

Fighting and fighting for the rulers

Smiling and smiling for the people

Categorizes strong and feeble

The frankest face on the face of earth

Even has the other side of her birth

Reason is not always evil

Its circumstances or just pure will

But the question still remains,

What balance can a man maintain?

When you fight for the cause, it’s you.

When you fight for the king, it’s just another in the queue

You may be a victorious warrior in the latter

But does it, in any way, better the matter?

You may be a winner in a rat race

But you remain a rat is what you ought to face.

Smiles have the largest range that they tackle

But if the smile you smile for the people

Stabs and weaken you double fold

Then why not try and get the hold

For the people for whom you sacrificed

Hardly ever learnt to prioritize

Which acts a curse for both

And traces you like a Goth

This world deserves to the selfish ones

But this world doesn’t let you openly choose that one

Because society in the end is well knit

That gives a short size pull over and asks you tpo fit.

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