If one has to answer an ultimate vision that this world must move forward, what would that be? When I use the term world, I do not intend to talk on global level. What I mean is largely to not associate myself with a specific country or region but talking of all regions, places and countries which can particularly represent a person’s personal world. My community, my city, my country anything could be the world to me. But the question that demands answer is the vision that needs to govern the larger principle that the world should understand and run on.


This seems to be too loose ended a question considering there are issues from social, economic, religious and political backgrounds that needs to be addressed and resolved. I would rather put all of this in the spectrum of development where all these constitute ways to progress towards development. The entire debate and deliberations over what is the right parameter to measure development has a lot of inputs and a lot of talking that has going, since decades.

The questions that are harassing me of lately and which I do believe needs a sincere consideration by everyone is the indifference of individual to pain and suffering which can possibly be prevented by humans. I am afraid to get too philosophical over it.


Economically speaking, there are talks about changes in the demands and market mechanism with the coming of Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization which are irreversible and hence makes us only a small part of the larger process of development. I believe, with globalization and its benefits, we have experienced such massive revolution due to our Science and Technological advancements which has made the living easier, comfortable, safer for many. And hence there is no denying the fact that there are costs and benefits in any circumstance. But what I wonder and I duly insist everybody to think about is the fact that we are on the receiving end on the globe where we have to take everything that comes with globalization as an unavoidable tangent and this has led a large section of people into denial of basic human rights. I believe a value that needs to be generated in our society is that of economic satisfaction. The wants and the wishes of an individual that makes one crave and attract towards to web of vicious market which not just fulfill the tiniest of your wishes but also invent new wishes for you and fulfills them too is deadlier than it popularly sounds.


The two phenomenon that I usually read in our country is, that our middle class is trying to strive towards the high class, and they are not satisfied with their middle class status. Secondly, the fact that the number of poor in our country are so huge and that most of the urban settings are bubbled into a disillusion of a sphere where their imaginations of poverty are restricted immensely, this results in their negligence and un-sensitization towards the ill, inhumane conditions of the people. Also, the lack of community living in our present system, where our emotions have an ambit that ends at our families, our friends, our commonalities. It is difficult to develop an emotion for a stranger and the entire race that we have entered only makes us look things that can pull the other person down or else be ignorant to everyone below the scope of our competition. These two larger phenomenon built into each other and impedes any possible human tendency to be disturbed with the cruelties of this civilization.


If anything that we need to learn from our experiences of older civilization, it is the utter need to treasure each human life, despite the fact that one has no commonality with the other individual. The major drive of globalization and market is demand. The reason why India gets to have so much of exposure from the west, so many competitive technology has nothing to do with its strength, power. It is largely numbers. India is a huge market that is targeted by the west and the bigger Capitalist countries to venture into the country for larger profits.


So why I bring upon these issues is that I feel the only thing that can save this civilization from further curse shall be instituting Values. The values and culture of restricting your desires. One must understand, that the only way to prevent the bad effects of these irreversible market changes is to channel the choices one make. This is definitely an idea that shall popularly be agitated against for the simple reason that it is very difficult to not practice your privileges. And the fact that this entire mechanism always gives you an option to raise your finger on someone who’s perhaps enjoying the benefits more than you do, it provides an easy escape of your conscience.


It is extremely crucial for everyone to question the prospects on which we weight the rights of two individuals. Do you have the right to use the “un-interrupted” electricity supply when the project that was established to provide you the same were never well rehabilitated, forget about electricity in their villages? In our country, the amount of electricity production may have increased manifold over years, but the number of people enjoying electricity are relatively the same, as the same people are now using more electricity with more appliances, more malls, etc.  Do you have the right to keep a section of people under conditions of extreme human rights violation under AFSPA, only because they are arguably a potential threat to the safety and security of the people of the country? Everybody wishes a safe and secure life but how do we decide which life is more important. I agree to the fact that every human is somewhere a utility maximizer, where safety and security may usually come under basic utilities, but are we not being too selfish because of a “potential” threat and using the worst of the means and mechanism if ever to even deal with the issue. Have we not understood Naxalism against development only because we have decided development in our own manner and wish to spread across the same imaginations of development over the world?


Considering the length that I writing at, I’ll perhaps deal with religious context of Wonder world in another of my writing, but one contested issue that I wish to throw light here is that of Human Ego. I think the entire fight of popularizing an idea to be absolute or perfect needs to be dwelled into. One must realize that let us look, read, understand, learn from all the means possible but what we must need to stop is marketization in the field of ideas and thoughts. I am not trying to make you less believe in one thinks but it is essential not to compete with another idea in its popularity and acceptance. We have to understand that advocating an idea is fine but we do not make people look like customers to whom we have to lure for our products(idea) and defame other’s idea and the ones buying those, in order to make yours the most popular product of that market. Discussions, deliberations, ideologies need to be worked under the dimensions of academia and not like a market.

This idea, that I tried explaining, if I am at all successful shall help you relate with every judgment, your every reaction and your thereby evolving attitude. I believe in my ideas but do not expect everyone to make same sense from it, however, I insist all to engage with your own self and develop the idea of “conscience” over your heart and brains and let your learnings not be imposed to others. Let everyone has their own time of enlightenment, and if you care so much for the society, let your idea be there in the public domain for people to go through and ponder over!

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