The Hidden Culprit

When I meet a stranger

Or I see an acquaintance

For this one Instance

I see a quality that acts major

And works like a blazer

In the impression of that figure

Over time when I ponder,

And analyse that stranger turned friend

All such cases they tend

to surrender,

to this conclusion regular

How always, I wonder.

Everyone has this one weakness they fear

and they always try to hide

Superimposing multiple covers like a tide

to the personality they put on gear

what people should see, what they should hear

And never figure out what happens at the rear

And the very opposite of this weakness

Is what the first impression speaks

If one is dominantly feeble, soft and weak,

The stranger shall look to you no less like a tigress

And you’ll be shocked behind this shadow so fearless

Lies what no one can easily know, his meekness

What I see, when I observe,

Behind this very popular practice without one’s conscious

Is the construct of the world, little malicious

I realize that this human nerve

Is an act of identity that one tries to preserve

To get what the world then shall think he deserves.

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