A very complicated act

Not to be messed up with, for a fact

Not a cut from daily routine

Sleep, in itself is a distinctive cuisine



Every time I got to bed

It pulls me towards those stories unread

To those stories unheard and unspoken

Of death, life, dare, love token



And Once I am all set to set myself free

I shakes and stops and leaves me with a glee

Sleep comes, in fragment

Perhaps think of one striking thought of the moment



After all I could think and reflect

Of those few moments I select

Something makes me dizzy

And takes me to an act easy and yet not easy




I get into this world of no control

It goes on a roll and a roll

Of few things that I recall later

Gives me glimpse but not much stature

The world I enter in,

Has all, God, man, animal, Ginn

With bits of reality and lots of fantasy

Exciting, faulty, perfect mystery


What comes out of it,

Very significantly every bit

Hues and cries sometimes,

Stunned, laughter otherwise



And then I suddenly wake up

Somewhere in the dreams still stuck

And then I try going back again

To go back to that world, that reign



Nothing can now take me back there,

Nothing can now keep me satisfied here

And then forgetting everything the next second

I start the journey to reach yet another abstract end



These ends leave some bit to ponder

And I wonder

How they are so meaninglessly meaningful

How they always remain in our memories graceful



And then when I finally try waking up

With sandwiches and morning tea cup

They try pulling me back

Try completing me, of all I lack



And so I make a choice

Sometimes stretched sleep, sometimes the other voice

And I wait to get back to it always

To enjoy, and for all that, a toast I raise



For the magnificent times,

For those meaningless rhymes

For those sudden happiness and fears

Sleep to you three cheers! 

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