Conflicting truth

The best way to win over a thought is to pen it down, seems an interesting and easy way. But once the thought gets words, it is easily erased out of the active minds in passivity. So when exactly should the idea fighting in your head be written, what is the maturity that one must seek to attain before writing it down is a debatable arena to conclude.

My comfort doesn’t allow me to keep some thought in the circumference for long, as it may digress me for the little of sanity that I hold. Perhaps, this could be my escapist attitude or probably its the hurry to get it out to make it more visible and understanding to myself too. My ideas are usually abrupt and not long thought about before getting penned down so could be little raw in the realm of literature.

What bothers me today is the idea of waste. I have always wondered how certain groups spend on activities which they deem necessary while so many of them, atleast in this part of the world where I live in, India, remain helplessly struggling for the bare minimal. Of all I have understood with people around me is that most of them do not think they are over spending or spending incorrectly because they always have an example of someone more lavishly and extravagantly living. Comfort and expenditure somewhere comes hand in hand.

So that leaves me with a conclusion that there is no way that one can stop from this cycle of trying to earn more, spend more, live more lavishly. And I was wondering, if this thought of everyone around from the same human clan ever comes to the minds of the privileged. I mean, if one gets to see a rugged man or a beggar, does one relate with them as humans because the only difference between him and you shall be the privileges that you are accustomed and blessed with. I believe this alienation from the thought that everyone is equally human is the reason why most privileged ones have found a disconnect to accept the similarity.

The other most common argument that I hear of when some average middle class person talks about poverty is the fact that everybody face the consequences of how much they toil. And this is perhaps the most insulting of the attitude towards poverty. Their poverty is thus, explained as  an inability or lazy attitude towards work. This set up, which is largely capitalistic is of huge problem in the capitalist society. What one is today, is because of the better opportunities and choices that their ancestors were once given of. Also, a person’s well being or ill being cannot be judged by the a person’s own ability which in case everyone shall have same at birth. It is what one learns and adapts after that which one gets from the family, the society. And this is what the state provides you with. This is where the state decides and choose to differentiate its behavior for different individuals. State’s effect changes from region to region, caste to caste, class to class and its indulgence varies immensely. One must never argue in the favor of state for its such arrangement but rather try making the system more egalitarian.

Considering India to be a majority Hindu State which claims to be the birthplace of this religion, i wonder more, how a moderate average Hindu, who believes in re-birth does not fear the consequences on him which could be the same as a beggar in the next life possibly. Keeping such possibilities should only help them to realize so much of commonness that one needs to understand within humans and not alienate to only one such kind and end up competing in the small bubble one lives in.

I don’t know how much do I personally practice but the insensitivity of all the situations happening around needs to be sensitized among st the children and the youth and the adult alike.

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