You feel it, you fear it, you fight it;

And you wish to push it down to the throat of the culprit

But when do you feel the heat

Of an injustice, an unfair act?

What makes you fear some thought?

And why do you strive for that only one truth to be sought?



Chokes me to find my inability, my weakness

To let go off my privileges,

And to harness my needs

Brimming it before it turns suicidal

And blinds itself to those unimportant dreams

Floating in the middle


What we strive for, is what we’ve suffered from

And that’s where our civilization flows in the false storm.

We were ruthless butchers once

We are sensitized civilians today

But that’s where we do not end

Because if evolution exists, it’s part of our present.


Evolve that I can break my beautiful mirror

Evolve that I can discomfort towards disorder

Evolve that I begin such evolution in me.

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