Sikkim Story in Snapshots

As a part of the work trip, I was involved in supporting SDGs team in Sikkim on holding consultations for awareness generation and inputs to the Sikkim SDGs legislative Act. Additionally we were conducting some internal workshops for understanding the scope of the team and understand on how to contribute more effectively to the process. What comes ahead are just a glimpse of many moments that I treasure and wish to share.


“Its not your colored hairs, the barber fooled you and has replaced your hairs with bird feathers”


“Hello I am Aditya, now give my goggles back”


I love to sing and I want to sing but this other lady with the camera is making me conscious”


One of the many dates at Thakali that we bonded over 🙂


The colorful meaningful Buddhist flag, usually put for prayers and ceremonies. Sudarshana captured her own prayers in them by imbibing them in this picture while the reluctant Tarang peeping from the car. Changchup, like always enjoying himself, in these little things.


Jhaalmuri, a spicy snack made, from Bengal but loved and enjoyed all over the country. In blissful state when you happened to spot someone serving Jhaalmuri!


The researcher team turned friends,Bishnu and Nirvaan, bridging (bluffing) the Nepali divide by translating to us in English/Hindi.


The lady who starts his sentences with sorry and ends with thank you. Not from Sikkim but surely a lot in common with people from Sikkim. Loves bathing in the night, catching cold and then fight with your body to keep working on presentations every alternate day – once on the moon, the other on caterpillar (USP)


Discussions on “The socio-economic-environment effects of eating a chicken burger”


A very committed professional, making sense of an utterly useless conversation at the moderation board. “Teachers are demonised” “ASER Reports says eating junk helps in school performance of studients” And many more false claims

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While many who were part of this 12 days have been caught once a while on this camera but there were some more who needs a special mention

Mr Rai, we are inspired by your commitment and your zeal to work, it gave me motivation to work and perform better. A lot that many can learn from how legislative members can really make a difference in the lives of the people they represent!

Mr Gurung was a calm and composed, continuously working and running around and making us laugh and tell us historical facts and some local rumors time to time to keep us up and running!

Namrata, I loved our visit to the Terrace and hope to share some more such moments with you, and is therefore seriously thinking about your suggestion of settling in the Hills (:

Komal, you drive very safely, that too in the very dangerous hills. I love the spirit with which you are engaged in education and art of northeast. (I would love to get a copy of the art magazine!)

Megha, Arnab – Didn’t spend much time with you but I am sure we really have a lot more to catch up on.

No closing remarks, there is no end yet.

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