Discipline: Love-Hate relationship


Discipline and Perseverance

As a child, I’ve always resented these words

Thinking of them as bounding, limiting, tying me back

It felt free spirited to break the discipline, overlaid with a never-got-caught record

It felt like a badge to work in peaks and low between exams and play – stack by stack


And I don’t think, I feel different about my feelings, when I was a child and now;

On the incidents and contexts that was then.


But today I feel the worlds have evolved

With newer roots of wisdom

As we grow, we tend to have opinions and views that we strongly feel about.

Being an opinionist, to feel deeply about something – is a quick addiction.

Whether it’s about fighting for equality, justice, inclusion in society

Or may be Environment conservation and security

It feel great to talk, write, argue.

Discipline and consistent perseverance to follow is actually the biggest challenge and the way to attain BLISS.

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