Lost Battle, against who?


Most often,

we speak about

incidents, accidents and things

that we haven’t experienced;

but heard, sensed or witnessed.



We then, imagine our realities

around that thought;

And contemplate

our reactions.



Tigress Avni, and her right to live

is a far reality.

What is closer to me

is the fear of hurt, of death;

Of my closer ones or mine – that a wild Avni could cause.

And what difference any way

Can a tiger make in the Anthropocene?

Except, a symbolic death.

But nature, you are still alive.

Long Live Nature, Long Live Earth!



But as I look

at my close – near and dear ones;

I see that I also don’t like

All my fellow humans.

I acknowledge and appreciate

capital punishments

(Sometimes – wishing the harsher, the better.)

to people deemed unfit to live;

Because I imagine them as threats to my closer ones or me.



We need to get rid off

These people, like we got rid-off Avni

Both, threatening order.

How innocently mean is my society?

It only cared to provide an equal, a just place

Falling short, just because of some anomalies

Despite equal opportunities and rights to all.

Or was there equal opportunity at all?




Closer as I get to myself,

I peek into what I have evolved into.

So selfish.


I enjoy the food and wine;

not bothered of the hands who produced,

or of the lives that were compromised,

or of the earth that was taken for granted.


I run to save myself

from a stray dog gone wild.

Forgetting the child I left behind,

who was playing with me,

and thought I was her friend.



And just a while ago, I was talking about

How Avni was wronged.

How capital punishment is unjust.

How we ignore our farmers’ plight.


Are we any different?

To me, we are more the same.

Selfish Liberals.

Freedom to choose;

But lost heart and conscious to choose,

Beyond our own imaginary realities.

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