#Corona Newsletter #2 – BUILD A BRIDGE


There isn’t a lack of inspiration around us. If you look at what art is to the world, people have called it freedom of expression, a therapy for others, a way to live in fantasy world with unrealistic expectations. A well-established rule of art is that everything you can imagine is for real!

But what is important is timing of all the ingredients to nurture the artist in You.

To feel something, to have the time to put that down, and then to have the motivation, like an audience for what you did.

So while the earth is facing unprecedented unpredictable Corona times, I don’t know what will it be like to have an Earth without Corona, as the time lapses. What I do know is that EARTH without ART is EH.

And that I felt is preventable, and this piece is just a glimpse of how true my feelings were. Let me take you through some exemplary writings of my friends in these lockdown times.

The theme that everyone reflected strings around Building a Bridge. Someone has said,

“So many people

Become Songs and Poetry

But will never know.

Our World is full of the Ghosts

Of Unspoken words and memories”

I felt helpless with social media exposing contradictions everyday:

  • How does one deal with visuals of tired and hungry people, helplessly walking miles on the land where no one welcomes them, cares for them; and rather blame them? Hunger deaths are just a collateral in the war against Corona Virus
  • In Contrast, we have “celebratory” images of personal victories… of taking care of one’s “self”; images of food, workouts, yoga, flowers, songs.

But like Frida Kahlo has said,

“Nothing is absolute,

Everything changes

Everything moves

Everything revolutionise

All flies and goes”


So this post is only about Building a Bridge. These are a collection of writings about

  • Times of contractions
  • Times of Tests and Personal Struggles
  • Times of being lost, Sink in reflections

It is an attempt to Sail and Sink together,

Happy Reading! 😀


A friend had once said, that we should do the most important thing first. So I should first thank you all!!! Thank you Apurva, Garima, Harsha, Ipshita, Isha, Rinikee, Ruhi, Stella, Suhani, Tuman, Vaibhav and Vinay. This is precious!!!

And thank you everyone who wished to send and still hope for more time, I shall see what I can do! 😀


We have Song of Despair, highlighting the beauty that is nature, and tragedy that is human!


The next entry is a special one. It tries to express a feeling of someone who is suffering from Corona Virus. Someone who is perhaps facing a sense of seclusion, a sense of solitude and a sense of helplessness to be left to die alone. I think this one deserves a very special warmth.


Now we have an entry that doesn’t tell you anything, but perhaps confuses you. That is its soul purpose. To just ask questions and let you reflect whether you agree, disagree, ever though about it, want to think about it now? Have fun!


And here is a beautiful sketch of the Two very different worlds in which we co-exist. Not harmoniously but rather, one being a conscious parasite to the other.


And here comes a beautiful poem, remembering our them and now times. It goes on to look at why Humans and the earth is facing this? And what shall we make out of it? Will this time ever pass? I get amazed at how much talent I have around me, unknowingly!



Now comes a story of a storyteller. There isn’t much of a story, you have to just manage with whatever we could get, some cynicism is now on the plate! (:


And ofcourse, we have people who picked sorrow, who picked reflections and then some who picked confusion. But like in the world, so did I have people around me giving us message of hope. Here is a small and sweet one to begin with:


There is also a poet, who decided to put through her hope to everyone, to let the world know, that she expects the world to move beyond, do better that it is doing. She said, this is her first ever attempt to poetry. Can you believe it? I can’t.


And then we have a heartfelt submission that goes into deeper questions of you outer and inner self. I don’t think I can attempt to summarise a poet’s expression. Try yourself!


And here is a submission with all the love for the medical and care giving staff, working bravely, tirelessly across the world. It also has anger towards those misbehaving with them. I feel both emotions are genuine given the way our media reports them. We are nothing but puppets in the hands of information givers! Forgive her, Oh Lord, for she knows not all that she says!


We also had an entry from a young artist, who with her story, shared the love and friendship a child shares with a tree. It is odd that such stories are forgotten and unrelatable as we get older. What is really the force getting us away from being us? Do you know?


And here is last but precious entry that worked tireless to dig into different realms of the world and find the best expression to his emotions!



I have to tell you all, that I enjoyed immensely in working on this. It just doesn’t give me art goals but it help me feel you all, so much better.

My love for all the ones who could send me and all the ones who will now be reminded with these posts and get inspired for the next round! 😀


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